The main aim of the Walking Trails Support Group (WTSG) is to provide sustainable and low-risk walking access in interesting natural areas.
The small membership of this group has developed about 150 km of walking track on public, leasehold and private land over the past 19 years.
This walking track system, largely in the Flinders Ranges and the Barossa region, is now maintained on an annual basis, by members and friends.
There is skill in developing walking tracks that do not erode and make for low maintenance and low liability problems.  Our “Walking Track Handbook” , distils and embodies the experience and advice gleaned in this field over many years.
In essence, that is   Work with the landscape and don’t try to conquer it – people don’t need tracks, but the land does.

A second aim is to provide walkers with information about the landscape they are walking through.  All our country has stories to tell, whether geological, Aboriginal, flora and fauna or settlement history.  It all adds to the experience.

A third aim is to encourage an increase in our membership; the maintenance work is simple, can be vigorous and but is always undertaken in nice places.  And maybe in places you haven’t been to before.  Membership is a mere $5.00 per annum.

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